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We are a high-end, premium marijuana wholesaler with a focus on Dutch-Inspired Hydroponics. Our product is hand-crafted and Colorado grown, with a focus on creating a more potent higher quality product. We are the leaders of hydroponically grown marijuana in an otherwise soil-based marketplace.

Hand-crafted in Colorado

We grow and distribute hydroponically grown marijuana to licensed retail marijuana establishments, edible companies, and concentrate companies in Colorado.

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We grow hydroponically to produce a cleaner more potent marijuana.


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The first and largest 100% hydroponic cultivation facility in Colorado.


Superior genetics harvested at the peak of perfection elevate the strength & flavor of the best strains.


Hydroponically pure in Colorado. Smooth start and intense finish.

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No complicated forms and unneccessary paperwork.

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“Growing hydroponically takes the best strains to the next level. Like a mad scientist in a lab, my goal with hydroponics is to create monstrous cannabis plants!"

Matt Rademacher

“We are fanatical about one thing: growing the purest, most potent product in the business... using water. I wouldn’t feel comfortable growing any other way!"

Sam Kinney

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